Westfield Insurance Jobs

Personal Insurance Data Scientist

Westfield Center, Ohio


The Data Scientist is responsible for analyzing and interpreting complex data sets using statistical and machine learning techniques to identify trends, patterns, and insights that can be used to inform business decisions and improve organizational performance. The role owns up activities ranging from defining information-rich digital representations of the phenomena and entities of interest, to purposefully designing model-driven solutions from the ground up. The role designs, develops and program methods, processes, and systems to consolidate and analyze unstructured, diverse big data sources to generate actionable insights and solutions for client services and product enhancement. The role also develops and codes software programs, algorithms, and automated processes to cleanse, integrate and evaluate large datasets from multiple disparate sources.


  • Develops predictive and prescriptive models of moderate complexity to surface insight and drive action and defines success measures and tracks performance of models.
  • Helps execute a strategy to acquire the data (purchase, partner, generate, collect) and assists in developing a solution prototype in partnership with the small businesses it targets.
  • Gathers data from disparate sources and ensures data quality (e.g., correlation, detection of outliers, imputation of missing values, data standardization and deduplication) throughout all stages of collection/acquisition, annotation and processing, normalization, and transformation.
  • Experiments with a variety of machine learning algorithms to build, test, and refine predictive models for restaurant sales, labor, and inventory.
  • Uses various statistical and machine learning techniques to explore and analyze data which involves identifying patterns and trends in the data and developing insights that can be used to inform business decisions.
  • Develops monitoring metrics to reflect real-world model performance and make recommendations to shape the future direction of models and digital solutions.
  • Creates visualizations and other forms of communication that effectively communicate insights and findings to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Works with various stakeholders, including business leaders, engineers, product managers, and data analysts, to identify business problems and develop data-driven solutions.
  • Collaborates with Product, UX, and the leadership team to understand business requirements and prioritize solution development.
  • Works with enterprise and solution architects to develop efficient infrastructure for data pipelines and models and supports full deployment of analytic solutions into operational environments.


  • 3-5 years of experience in Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Statistical Modeling, or a related field.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology, or any other related discipline, and/or commensurate experience.
  • Master's degree in related discipline is preferred.