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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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May 10, 2018
Jul 09, 2018
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Job Description

Job DescriptionJob Description:
The Background Investigator will join the department with a pre-hire skill set focused on writing and investigation style research, which, with additional training, will allow him/her to perform the duties required to produce a comprehensive, thorough investigative report.The Background investigator will:
Conduct web and phone based research with supplementation to their efforts through the requests of third-party searches.These efforts will aggregate information from a variety of sources, including but not limited to: social media; publicly accessible official federal, nationwide, state, and local government records; civil activity; criminal activity; documentation of property purchasing/sale/ownership/tax records; DMV information including driving , registration, and titling records; business ownership/involvement; employment; professional licensing; personal demographics and documentation of relationship familial or otherwise; prior claim information; bankruptcy; miscellaneous and published article records; medical treatment history; and any further documentation as requested by the goals of an assignment and within company authorization and permission.The responsibilities and duties of a Background investigator:
Handling policies and procedures driven by company and department protocol and goals
Compile online, telephonic, and third-party research; and permission-based database information into complete, cohesive reports that reflect a comprehensive investigative service as well as addressing client directives.
Timely, clear and concise communication of claimant demographic or investigative issues with management team preserve the integrity of the investigative product;
Adherence to client directives assures focus regarding depth, detail, and content of investigations;
Meeting or exceeding expected departmental or client provided turnaround times.
Research the subject / claimant activity and history as it relates to potentially fraudulent insurance claims, primarily in the areas of workers compensation and liability. Adapting to additional assignments as they develop, including but not limited to: rush assignments, additional client requests, adjustment in assignment deadlines will be met and addressed with professionalism and timeliness.
Managing various report templates, while adhering to client directives regarding templates, as well as client restrictions relative to formatting and inclusion or exclusion of research results guided by client specific protocol.
Manage new and ever evolving search techniques, tips and guidelines while maintaining a baseline of established research protocol, assuring accurate and relative results.

Required Skills:
Computer Skills:
typing 50 WPM
working knowledge of computers, including maintenance, trouble shooting, software and security.
versed in Word, and be able to (at minimum), copy, paste, format and compress photos.
able to create, title and zipped/unzipped folders.
working knowledge of PDF, printing to PDF and copying and pasting from PDF to a word document.
ability to clear / clean cache, history and cookies;
being able to stay organized while having open and navigating between multiple tabs, while using 2 or more browsers.
able to attach files to, and save files from email, as well as possessing practical knowledge of keyboard shortcuts.
Usage of specialized capture software will be taught to the investigator, as well as editing within this software.
ability to perform hardware and computer maintenance as necessary. The requirements may include troubleshooting internet connectivity, maintaining computer functionality at optimal levels, managing and monitoring internet speed as provided by ISP, and resolving issues in a timely manner. The investigator must also manage OS updates, security and anti-virus software, while maintaining appropriate hard drive storage space, within reasonable means.Professional Skills:
demonstrate ethical investigative practices at all times
demonstrate good judgment in time management and accountability.
experience, in some manner, of a virtual professional relationship as it relates to specific, effective communication and how that applies to a virtual office. The investigator will need to be able to receive, interpret and respond to all communication in a primarily email fed virtual office environment.
Additional Skills:
follow directions;
work independently with little direction;
superior time management skills;
meeting tight deadlines;
important but not necessary if familiarity with insurance and medical terminology and claims; and prior investigative experience
superior proof reading, grammar and investigative report writing skills;
strategic, analytical thinking capacity;
logical deductive reasoning;
proficiency in navigating proprietary company interface systems, permission based databases, and specialized software.
ability to shift focus and engage in a fluid, dynamic work environment that requires adaptability.

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